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Vaginal Health

MHR Yoni Steam - 30 minutes @ $50

This is a herbal detox, also sometimes referred to as a hip bath, that detoxifies the uterus helping with fertility, incomplete emptying of menses each cycle, eliminates yeast infections, and other vaginal bacteria. It also increases cervical fluid, balances vaginal pH, nourishes and tones the uterine lining, prevents and eases bladder and kidney stones, and much more.

Vaginal Rejuvenation 1 Session - 45 minutes @ $600

This procedure uses ultrasonic energy to tighten the vagina.

Benefits include:
Firms and tightens the vagina to improve sex life
Improvement in lubrication and increased secretion to eliminate vaginal dryness
Improvement of vaginal health and reduction in infection
No wound, no recovery and no multiple treatments method to enhance the vaginal parts.