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What is PRP?

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a natural substance in our bodies that can promote cell repair and new tissue regeneration.

Platelets are cells in our circulatory system responsible for making sure our blood clots. When a tissue injury occurs, platelets are some of the first responders in our bodies, recruited to begin immediate healing at the site of injury. In addition to their clotting function, platelets release several growth factors and proteins into the liquid plasma portion of the blood.

More specifically, these factors and proteins are called FGF, PDGF, TGF-β, EGF, VEGF and IGF and are necessary for signaling stem cells to migrate, proliferate and differentiate to support proper tissue repair and growth. Platelets creates new blood vessels from fibroblasts and endothelial cells, respectively. This means healing and health potential wherever it is placed into the body which is why PRP has been used for many years in the medical world and is now a top aesthetic treatment around the world.

PRP Treatment For Hair Growth

As we age, it’s very common for both men and women to experience hair loss. Although there are many options for treating hair loss, at My Health Reassurance, we offer PRP treatment as a natural therapy with potential that can effectively stimulate new hair growth.

The application of PRP to the scalp stimulates the hair follicle environment, increases blood supply and enhances cell proliferation, resulting in the regeneration of hair for both men and women. The induction of this natural process can lead to strengthened hair that is more vibrant, colorful and bright. The use of PRP for treating hair loss can be combined with other procedures and medications to slow hair loss and/or restore hair growth.

How is PRP Collected?

At My Health Reassurance, PRP injections are prepared with the most efficient and safe methods possible. Our clinic prepares the client’s small blood sample with a high quality PRP kit.

We collect a 30-60mL blood sample (about 6-12 teaspoons) from the client’s vein for preparations. The blood is placed into a centrifuge machine that separates the blood into its components (the plasma). Typically, 5-6mL of platelet-rich plasma is found as a distinguishable layer that can be collected and used for treatment.

PRP Treatment Process for Hair Loss

At My Health Reassurance, PRP treatment for hair loss is a three-step, minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure.

Step 1 – The client’s blood is drawn from the arm using the A-PRP RegenKit® and processed with a centrifuge. This machine separates the blood into its many components based on densities.

Step 2 – After undergoing centrifugation, the blood is separated into three distinctive layers: platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma and red blood cells.

Step 3 – The platelet-rich plasma layer is drawn up into a syringe and prepared for injection with tiny needles into the targeted areas of the scalp to increase hair growth. Don’t worry- topical numbing agents keep the procedure comfortable and easy.

This simple, three-step process of PRP therapy for regenerating hair growth is most effective when completed every 3 weeks in 3 sessions. Optimal and long-lasting results can be maintained with PRP treatments every 4-6 months after the initial therapy.

My Own PRP Hair Restoration Journey!

I suffered from traction alopecia and received my first PRP in the year 2019. Traction alopecia is a form of acquired hair loss that results from prologed or repetitve tension on the scalp hair. I had to understand and trust the process way before I could offer it to others. 

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