College Physicals in Atlanta, GA

My Health Reassurance offers college physicals three days a week. Before your high school graduate enters university, they are required to have a physical exam as it is a requirement for most universities and colleges. For more details call us now or schedule an appointment online.

College Physical in Atlanta, GA
College Physical in Atlanta, GA

For kids, going off to university can feel like a declaration of independence after you graduate from high school. That feeling might be met with anxiety, nostalgia, or relief on behalf of the parents. Either way, it is crucial to make sure your child is set up to succeed when they get to college, and pre-entrance college physicals can be one great way of doing that! At My Health Reassurance, our medical professionals would be happy to provide college physicals to support them on their educational journey.

Do colleges require physicals?

While many colleges require physical exams as a pre-condition of enrollment as proof that you are mentally and physically fit for studies and not a threat to the health of the student body, such requirements vary from college to college. If you are unsure if your college requires pre-entrance physicals, it might be beneficial to get one just in case, especially if your health insurance plan will cover it. A pre-entrance college physical exam can help put your mind at ease that you are fit for the rigors of college life or alert you to things that you need to keep an eye on or adjustments you will need to make. In addition to a pre-entrance physical examination, most colleges will require that you are up to date on your immunizations, unless you have a religious exemption. A pre-entrance college physical can either ensure that you are up to date or provide you with the necessary vaccinations.

What should I expect at a physical exam?

The first part of a physical exam for college enrollment will consist of a questionnaire or a discussion with your physician concerning your medical history and lifestyle. During the survey or the conversation with your physician, you will be prompted to answer several queries, which will be kept confidential. Some of these questions may or may not include whether you or your family members have or have had any severe illnesses; any medication you are currently taking; any allergies that you have or have had; as well as questions about your sexual activity, substance use, eating habits, and any traumatic experiences you have had. Such information can help admissions departments figure the best residence options for you and alert them to provide you with on-campus resources should you need them.

After the initial discussion or questionnaire is completed, the physician will conduct a physical examination. Your height and weight will be measured, and your blood pressure will be taken. The physician will also check your skin, abdomen, and neck using palpation, and will evaluate your heart, ears, eyes, throat, and lungs using the appropriate instruments. If you plan on athletic participation, the physician may also check on your muscle strength and the condition of your joints and bones.

In addition to the physical examination, you may require laboratory tests and immunizations. Laboratory tests could include blood tests, vision screening, sexually transmitted disease (STD) tests, thyroid tests, and more, depending on what the physician finds with your medical history, lifestyle, and physical examination.

Do college physicals test for drugs?

That all depends on the college in question. Some colleges that have pre-entrance physical exams as a pre-requisite may include drug screening in the test, while others may focus more on infectious diseases. The best thing to do if you are concerned about this would be to find out from the college admissions team what precisely the physical will be screening.

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