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About Us

My Health Reassurance (MHR) was founded in 2019 on the premises of health promotion and chronic disease prevention. MHR of Fayetteville, Georgia provides an extensive range of comprehensive physical exams for children and adults as a measure to identify early disease processes, prevention of worsening comorbidities, and enabling people to increase control and improvement of their health. The end result is optimizing an individual’s overall wellbeing. MHR also offers a variety of services including IV hydration, body contouring, lymphatic massages, vaginal rejuvenation, yoni steams, medical weight loss, physicals. My Health Reassurance accepts cash or credit with affordable cash paying prices compatible with most insurance deductibles. However, we do not accept insurance at this time.


- Arkafine

This was the best decision I have made in a long time. Wonderful staff, patient, compassionate

- K Holts

Kayona is an amazing provider. She is an active listener, dependable and knowledgeable. Being in the medical field I am very particular who I trust. She is my go to provider!

- Cristin Williams

Had a wonderful first time experience with Kayona and her Assistant today! They both provided professional and friendly service! They took the time to explain what was happening each step of the way throughout my IV Therapy Session and ensured I was comfortable and relaxed. I am so grateful for their thoroughness, awesome service and good laughs! I will definitely be back!